September 21, 2012

Week Two in DC!

By Kristin Pufpaff

Well here I am, at the end of my second week with AVMA GRD. I have to say that even though I expected this to be a great month it is far exceeding my expectations. From going to a meeting at the National Press Club to learn about the state of international agriculture policy to meeting the cat from the Hunger Games, I could not ask for more. The weather has also been kind for the most part, I have only been soaked by the rain once and it was late enough in the day not to cause too much trouble.

I think the best part about my time here is how much freedom I have to seek out the people that are most able to give me insight into how to achieve my career goals. I met with Terry Wollen, DVM from USAID yesterday and it was inspiring to say the least. He introduced me to the Global Health Fellows II program among others. I have always said that I went to Veterinary School because I wanted to help feed to world and to know that there are programs out there with that as their primary focus is great!

I will now admit that the advantages of meeting intellectually stimulating people are not the only ones that are making this a great experience. You also get to meet people that can inspire you just by who they are before they say a word. The picture below is Dana, the other extern, myself, and Dr Kurt Schrader, who in his words, “is a veterinarian, and, oh, I have this other job now.” Congrats to the people of Oregon’s 5th district on a great Representative, and if you are smart you will tell him to keep up his “other job” this November!