March 31, 2017

Final Thoughts

By Brianna Parsons

As I finish up my four weeks with the AVMA GRD, one message from veterinarians came up time and time again. You never know where you’ll end up.

Which, of course, is dauntingly filled with uncertainty but I think there’s some beauty in that. Our degree is tremendously flexible, allowing us the freedom to take on many different roles if we keep an open mind and do not limit ourselves. For me, my time here has inspired my interest in both international development and agricultural policy. Here’s to keeping an open mind and seeing where that all goes!

I’ve really enjoyed this externship and am thankful for the time and support of the AVMA GRD staff, the overworked congressional staffers, and all of the veterinarians who I met throughout my month here!

And I’ll leave y’all with these awesome rainbow roses I stumbled upon on my last day!