March 30, 2017

Having fun in DC

By Brianna Parsons

Some exploring recommendations for future externs!

National Museum of Women in the Arts–  One of the few museums in DC that charges admission, but WELL worth the student price of $8.  Stumbled upon this place with a visiting friend and had a great time.  Really beautiful and interesting collections, obviously all by women artists.  Definitely worth a visit!

National Arboretum- Went running here one beautiful Saturday and despite the crowds, really enjoyed it.  Paved roads make for good running paths between exhibits, which have cute winding paths through flowering trees and other plants.  At the visitors center, there’s an adorable Bonsai exhibit with tons of fantastic Bonsai trees.  Apparently there’s a bald eagle there too… I did not get lucky enough to see it, however.

Cherry Blossoms–  Sure, it’s hyped up by everyone in DC.  But, it’s certainty very beautiful.  The freak snow storm this year apparently affected one type of the blossoms more than others, so most of the trees were paler pink flowers.  I went on a Tuesday afternoon that turned out surprisingly sunny after a morning of rain, and found this one fabulous bright pink tree!

Independent coffee shops—This might just be me being a coffee snob.  But I’d definitely recommend venturing away from your Starbucks and Peet’s to find coffee elsewhere.  There’s definitely some gems here!

Potomac Overlook Regional Park—If you happen to be living the suburban dream like I did, or find yourself out in Arlington, check this out for some good running trails.  The park has trails that connect to a creek, which you can follow out to the Potomac River.  I went on an overcast day, and luckily didn’t have the crowds I’d expected it to have.  Lots of fun if you like trail running or hiking on rocky paths.

Enjoy, y’all!

bonsaicherry blossom