April 21, 2017

Agencies, agencies!

By Patricia Crystal

This week has been full of visits to various agencies in the government – all of whom hire veterinarians! We started at the Defense Health Headquarters, part of the Department of Defense and met three army veterinarians. The army has a great training program that allows you to get further education while in the military. This can include clinical work, such as a residency, masters in public health, or PhD. There are so many opportunities – it really provides unique flexibility for young graduates.

From there we visited USDA APHIS in Riverdale, where we met a total of 6 veterinarians involved in everything from international work to import/export to animal care. For a government agency, APHIS hires quite a lot of veterinarians and, with their breadth of work, I can see why.

On Wednesday we visited USDA Agricultrual Research Services. They are doing a lot of projects on aquaculture – something I had very limited exposure to. Overall, they work with producers and the industry to provide services that can enhance the future of aquaculture. It was interesting to talk to them about their work with various fish species, including improving genetics through a selective breeding program.

Once again I find it fascinating the many roles that veterinarians can have – even just within the federal government.