April 7, 2017

First Day Excitement

By Patricia Crystal

Having just spent the last month in Minnesota with the USDA APHIS, I arrived in D.C. on Sunday after a quick unpacking and repacking of the bags in Philadelphia. My coveralls and work boots were swapped for any and all clothing that could be deemed ‘business attire,’ a rather small amount in my closet. I may have to do some shopping while in town!

Monday was my first day with AVMA GRD, and consisted mostly of orientation duties. We were given a tour of the headquarters and got to meet members of the staff. We were also given a contact list for veterinarians in the area, which took a fair amount of time to comb through. As I do not see myself practicing after graduation, I am thrilled about the possibility of meeting veterinarians who are in such a variety of positions. I am eager to speak to them about their experiences, as well as hear about their career tracks.

Monday afternoon we went to a hearing where Bernie Sanders presented his new bill regarding higher education. I did not realize Sanders would actually be presenting at the hearing, and was surprised to find myself shaking hands with him prior to his speech. He, along with Elizabeth Warren, Pramila Jayapal and several others, spoke on the high cost of higher education, and their new approach to making college more affordable to a wider majority. He specifically announced that fees at universities would be waived for families making less than $125,000. It was a very interesting hearing and not a bad way to start off my first day in D.C.!