April 7, 2017

First Week Down!

By Patricia Crystal

This week has really flown by! Most of it has been occupied by emailing – I have been trying to ensure all the veterinarians we are interested in connecting with have been contacted. Tuesday was filled with getting to know more staff in the office, specifically the Assistant Directors and the various portfolios of issues that they cover. Wednesday we went to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). I, perhaps naively, did not realize that DHS hired veterinarians, so the day was very informative. We spoke to several vets in different departments, giving us a really wide range of insights and experiences. Afterwards we headed over to George Washington University to meet with a veterinarian in their school of public health. She reviewed her efforts in pushing the concept of One Health since she has joined the school. It was so exciting to hear how well the concept has been received and implemented by her students.

Last night we attended an event by the EcoHealth Alliance, which focused on biosecurity and current developments the organization has made. It was held at the Cosmos Club, which was established in 1878. The building was absolutely beautiful – complete with very detailed woodwork, portraits and chandeliers. It was a fun evening and we had the opportunity to network with people who are focused on infectious disease and public health, particularly from a global perspective. I’m looking forward to a similar event we are attending next week at the One Health Academy.

Today is another day at the office trying to tie up loose email connections and schedules. I’m looking forward to a weekend of exploring more of D.C. and all it has to offer!

EcoHealth Alliance Event