April 28, 2017

See you later, D.C.

By Patricia Crystal

I can’t believe that this is the final day of my externship. I have learned so much in these past four weeks – I just want the experience to continue. I am incredibly grateful for all the connections I have made while I have been here. The variety of positions veterinarians can thrive in is honestly astounding. It has taught me that our skillset is incredibly marketable to a variety of positions, which has filled me with pride for our profession. Though, I must admit, I may be slightly confused as to my exact career pathway, I am more excited than ever as to what my future holds.

On Tuesday I went to visit US Fish and Wildlife Service, where I met with a variety of veterinarians in the International Affairs division for Combating Wildlife Trafficking. I didn’t realize just how globally involved the Fish and Wildlife Service is, particularly in Africa and Asia. It was definitely an eye opening experience.

Wednesday was exciting as we met with Rep. Kurt Schrader of Oregon. A fellow veterinarian, it was great to speak with him about how he uses his veterinary experience in his current position. We had a similar meeting today with Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida, where he explained how he made the transition from veterinarian to congressman. It was an incredible opportunity to speak with them both – one that I will not likely forget any time soon.

As the week wraps up, I must say that I highly recommend this externship to any veterinary student, regardless of their plans for the future. Being able to understand the wide scope of veterinary medicine is invaluable and I had the opportunity to meet truly amazing people along the way. It is with this that I sign off with a ‘see you later’ rather than a ‘goodbye.’ I have so enjoyed my time here and I hope that I will be back soon.

Ted Yoho