May 31, 2017

The D.C. Food Scene

By Erin Holt

Most people eat in D.C. based on what is close to their neighborhood. And I can’t say that I blame them. Almost every corner here has fantastic food. Let me tell you about a few great places you can try if you are close by or if you feel like taking a little trek. First, let’s talk fast food. Probably the greatest burger joint on earth is In-N-Out Burger. Unfortunately, there are none on the east coast. The second best burger place is Shake Shack. I have tried everything but the hot dogs and my favorite is the cheeseburger with everything on it add ShackSauce, crinkle fries, and a vanilla shake. Best breakfast here so far has been A Baked Joint. They make biscuits daily with different ingredients cooked into them like ham and cheddar or rosemary and sausage. You can get these biscuits made into a sandwich with egg and mayonnaise (I order mine without the mayo). Also, I did not try it, but the French toast looked amazing.

If you are able to spend a little more money and feel like trying something different, Rasika West End has been called the best Indian food ever. I tried the tandoori chicken and the red snapper and both were excellent. Since D.C. has a large Ethiopian restaurant scene, I checked out CherCher and got the berbere lentils (spicy red sauce that is heavenly), lamb, and the sirloin. If you have never eaten Ethiopian before it is a wonderful experience to share with friends. The food is served on a sour bread that is spongey and soaks up all the flavors (called injera). You also use other pieces of injera to pick up your food and eat it. It is a fun way to eat a family style meal. There are probably a ton of good places for ramen in D.C., but I went to Momofuku CCDC. I recommend the apple kimchi (pictured), soft-shell crab bun, Korean wings, and pork ramen. You might want to bring a friend to help you eat it all. The dessert from Milk is also good, although I am pretty picky about dessert. The soft serve is fun to get as well as the birthday truffles (you may have to walk over to Milk bar to get the birthday truffles, but they are in the same building). My biggest piece of advice is don’t be afraid to try something new while you are here.

apple kimchi