June 29, 2017

Sit Down. Be Humble.

By Merrill Simpson

We learned this from the wisdom of Kendrick Lamar (or whoever writes his lyrics) but I find it to ring true in many ways. The people I admire most have had these incredible, successful, and fulfilling careers while maintaining a sense of humility. Some veterinarians that come to my mind immediately are Dr. Linda Silvers, Dr. Bernadette Dunham, and Congressman Schrader. You will meet many others I did not list who have had remarkable accomplishments and are following these amazing, diverse career paths.

Unfortunately I had a reality check during my externship when a childhood friend suddenly passed away. My biggest take-away from this month is to have strong connections with other people. Whether that is labeled as “networking” or a “friendship”, it is all the same. Your career and life happiness depends upon relationships with other people. Building on that, having high social intelligence will be of the utmost importance, working in any type of veterinary medicine, from policy to industry and practice.

Mentorship is another incredibly important piece of being successful through veterinary school and afterwards. I have two main mentors back at Colorado State, and, while they have very different careers, what they share is a sense of humility. When someone portrays their successes in a humble fashion, it is easier to envision yourself attaining similar achievements in the future. There are many humbling experiences in D.C., from visiting the monuments, to the museums, and the vast expanse of the house and senate office buildings. My advice is to experience as much as you can in your month and don’t forget to sit down, be humble.

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